Group, Collaboration, Network, Sharing – how does it really work ?

at KUMA Galerie in Berlin 8.7 – 11.7.2010.

Megafån has invited artists and art workers to discuss what it means to work in a group, with a feministic/queer/gender perspective. Using collaborations as a feministic strategy.

Discussing what it means to work in a group, how is it possible to use it as a tool?

Collectivism, the strength in organizing, different forms of collaborations, concrete examples… How does it really work?

The workshops will be like a melting pot where all participants bring in their experience and

knowledge. It can can be as a talk, a lecture, an action, a film screening, a game, a collective drawing…

All material that comes from the workshop and that the participators bring with them will be

seen as traces in the gallery space, during and after the workshop. The workshop traces will

be shown in Kuma Galerie until Saturday 16.7.2010

Workshop and exhibition program at in Berlin 8.7 – 11.7.2010

All workshops, if not differently mentioned, are at Kuma Galerie, Novalisstraße 7, Berlin.

The closed workshops are for participants of the full programme only, this is to ensure continuity in the discussion. Welcome to the open ones, please send a note to

Thursday 8.7

13.00-15.00                   Presentation of the workshop participants, Closed for participants only

15.00-16.30                  How does it really work? – gathering our questions and interests, Freja Bäckman, Megafån, Closed for participants only

16.30-18.00                  Methods on collaboration and security, Fredrika Biström, Megafån, Closed for participants only

18.30-20.00                  To gather activism, Malin Gustavsson, Open workshop

This workshop presents the concept of “feministiskt samkväm” (feministic social gathering). In the workshop we are going to share experiences with the workshop participants on different ways to unite activism and feminism in various contexts. We discuss elements of success and challenges in this work.

21-late                   Kuma Galerie 1 year Birthday Party, at Marx, SpreewaldPlatz 6, Kreuzberg

Friday 9.7

12.00-13.00                  Let´s work together – mapping session, Susann Bartsch, Closed for participants only

12.00-13.00                  Digital Gender, Sol Morén, Open workshop

What could a feministic technology look like? A talk about the

development of the internet, artistic programming and cyberfeminists like Donna Haraway. I would also like to share my research on how young girls in Sweden approch the new social medias, like blogs.

13.30-15.00                  X-front, workshop/ work-and-talk/ do-and-discuss, open workshop

X-front is a Nordic collaborative practice-led research project investigating the possibilities for and implications of women standing up to pee.

16.00-18.00                  Dedicated to shifting images, I love Bildwechsel presentation, Manuela Schininá, Eva Kietzmann, Open workshop

We will introduce Bildwechsel with a focus on its archives and building up of networks. Having a relaxed exchange and discussion-round about our experiences as artists, curators, writers in exchange, networking, distribution, forms of representations, working conditions, etc. We invite you to bring your material (documentations, videos, catalogues, publications) and share it with Bildwechsel-archive.

18.00-19.00                  Film screening, Vappu Jalonen, Open workshop

A short film screening dealing with the topic of collaborations and working in a group. Discussion afterwards.

Saturday 10.7

10.45-12.00                  Run, Vappu Jalonen, Open workshop, meeting point at Weltzeituhr, Alexanderplatz

Run is an experiment how it is to run in a group in Berlin. Does it draw attention (and what kind of) when a group of people run in their basic clothes on the busy streets of Berlin Mitte? How does the group interact? How does the city feel? Is it fun, stressful or maybe empowering to run?

12.00-14.00                  Vision – looking forward, Heidi Lunabba, Megafån, Closed for participants only

14.00-18.00                  Collective Drawing, Tärähtäneet Ämmät, Open workshop

Performance / co-operation with the workshop participants.

14.00-18.00                  Collective working with words, Laura Lilja, Open workshop

How can sound and the listener interact inspace? How to use sound and language as equipment or a technique for installation art, or as a tool for questioning power structures? Can language and words be repeated differently, even subversively?

19.00-20.00                   Talk, Presentation of the workshops, Open

20.00-22.00 Open Doors, Chats, toasts and workshop traces show

Sunday 11.7

11.00-13.00                  Brunch and reflexion, Closed for participants only

How does it really work, download flyer


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