This is Heidi Lunabbas Newsblog. Here you can find information about what I’m up to right now, and links to media writing about my work. For my portfolio, contact info etc. please visit my homepage att Feel free to comment or ask questions!


  1. Kære Ann Katrin Sjögren

    Jeg er lesbisk aktivist og redaktør af Feminine Moments en international hjemmeside om samtidskunst, som er lavet af lesbiske og queer kvinder. Her blogger jeg om queer kunst og det er i den anledning at jeg skriver til dig. Jeg vil nemlig fortælle dig, at jeg har ‘shared’ – publiceret dit slideshow om hvordan du fik et skæg for en dag ( sammen med en kort tekst om Heidi Lunabba’s ‘Studio Vilgefortis’. – Se
    Hvis du selv er en queer kunstner, så skriver jeg også gerne om din kunst på min hjemmeside.
    Med venlig hilsen

    Birthe Havmøller
    Redaktør af Feminine Moments

  2. Dear Heidi
    I don’t know what happened, but I have send a mail intended for Swedish artist Ann Katrin Sjögren to you by mistake.
    But I want to tell you almost the same facts as I’ll tell Ann Katrin and that is that I have mentioned you on my queer art blog ( and I would be happy, if I you would tell me more about your art, so that I can write about you and promote artworks and performances some other time at Feminine Moments queer art blog. Please, visit my website: and tell me, if you like my queer arts resources. I have recently made an artist showcase article about one of your collegues Laura Lilja –

    Have a nice day. I hope to hear from you soon.

    Birthe Havmoeller
    Editor of Feminine Moments
    PS. I ho

  3. malin

    Hello Heidi!
    I found your website through a swedish blog.
    Your “Twins project” is a fantastic one and I have had the same idea and was so happy to find that someone has really made it happen. There is so much meaning in the way we dress, especially kids…

    I would so much like to see your exhibition, do you have any plans to take it to Sweden? I am sure that many galleries/art halls would be interested in your exhibition, especially in Gothenburg and Stockholm.

    Looking forward to your response!

    • Hello Malin!

      Thanks! The exhibition is going to Sweeden this summer, its going to be at Museum Annna Nordlander in Skelefteå,
      of course I would love th show it at other places too, but I haven’t really had the time to try to find more plces to show it yet.

      Trough what blog did you find my website? Qurious…

      Hälsningar Heidi

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