Camera Obscura – a shippingcontainer camera

Step in to a camera!

Experience the city inside a camera obscura produced in cooperation between Ateneum Art Museum and the Finnish Museum of Photography. Artistic design, Heidi Lunabba.

Ateneum May 6th – June 6th 2010.
Open Tuesday – Sunday 10–15.
Outside of Ateneum in he park facing Mikonkatu, Helsinki city centre.

Finnish Museum of Photography June 8th – August 31th 2010.
Open Tuesday-Saturday at 13-17 and Sunday 14-15.
In the yard of Kaapelitehdas, Ruohonlahti, Helsinki.

No entry fee!

I made a cartoon about how to build a pinhole camera working with film and how to make a room function as a camera, you can download the cartoons here (in Swedish and in Finnish):
Kameran serie
Kamera sarjakuva


6.5 News “Astu sisään kameraan Helsingin keskustassa” (Step in to a camera in helsinki citycentre)

4.6 “Step In To A Camera!”


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