My and Nutty Tarts project DRESSCODE is part of the BOUTIQUE – Where Art Meets Fashion exhibition i Berlin.


Opening: 21.1.2016 | 19:00
Exhibition 22.1.–28.3.2016

Art meets fashion in the new cross-over exhibition BOUTIQUE at the Nordic Embassies in Berlin.

In our everyday life, art and fashion have always been interconnected in the ways we dress, but it isn’t until recently that fashion has really gained a strong position in the art scene. We see a growing number of fashion exhibitions in art museums and galleries, fashion stores resemble art galleries more and more – and vice versa.

Instead of creating a competition between the two art forms, BOUTIQUE rather invites the visitor to reflect upon the similarities between art and fashion. It highlights the appeal of fashion, at the same time engaging in social issues and questions of consumption, mass production and beauty ideals. In pairs of two, sixteen Finnish fashion designers and artists have created unique pieces for the exhibition. The show comes to Berlin after exhibitions in New York, Washington, Tokyo and Helsinki.

With the following artists:
Minna Parikka & Jani Leinonen
Salla Salin & Timo Rissanen
Tero Puha & Teemu Muurimäki
Katja Tukiainen & Samu-Jussi Koski
Paola Suhonen & Mikko ljäs
Heidi Lunabba & Nutty Tarts
Juliana Harkki & Rauha Mäkilä
Timo Wright
Mimosa Pale

The exhibition is curated by Annamari Vänskä.


Låt solen gå upp över Gotland fylld av regnbågar! Häng upp en tvättlina i regnbågens färger under Gotland Pride 10-15/11 2015 för att visa ditt stöd för alla människors lika värde.

Med tvättlinan visar du att du vill ha ett samhälle där mångfald, respekt och öppenhet för HLBTIQ-personer och andra minoriteter är en självklarhet. Samfundskonstprojektet Tvättlina i regnbågens färger av Heidi Lunabba FIN och Ilar Gunilla Persson SWE förverkligas som en del av Gotland Pride i samarbete med Almedalsbiblioteket, Lila shala och Activist in Residence Program -Visby.

Att delta är enkelt: Häng en tvättlina kläder eller andra textilier som representerar regnbågens färger. Textilierna behöver inte vara enfärgade, tvättlinan kan vara var som helst där den syns och ditt deltagande är viktigare än en perfekt färgskala. Fotografera sen din tvättlina och tagga #tvattlina så skapar vi ett färgglatt och käreksfullt arkiv även på nätet.

”Att välja ut textilier till tvättlinan kan ses som en symbolisk handling som refererar till begreppet att komma ut ur
skåpet, men i det här fallet handlar det helt enkelt om att visa medmänsklighet. Genom att ”komma ut” som en vänligt inställd medmänniska är du med och skapar ett samhälle där det är lättare för alla att våga leva som den man är. Din tvättlina är en vänlig gest för ett öppet, tolerant och accepterande samhälle.

OBS! Du behöver inte vara på Gotland för att delta, du kan delta från varsomhelst i världen genom att hänga en tvättlina, fota och tagga den #tvattlina



My projects Twins and Studio Vilgefortis exhibited at Norrtälje Konsthall 11.9-25-10 2015.

Norm.Alt är en utställning med fyra konstnärer – Roxy Farhat, Snövit Hedstierna, Conny Karlsson Lundgren och Heidi Lunabba – som alla på olika sätt arbetar med ett genusorienterat och normkritiskt innehåll i foto, video och performance.

Invigning klockan 18.00 med konstnären Catti Brandelius, mera känd som Miss Universum.
Hon inviger utställningen med den nya pop-punk-duon “Catti och Jari”




Hang a Washing Line in the Colors of the Rainbow during Turku Pride 10.-16.8.2015. to show your support for equal value. Photograph and tag #tvattlina!

Tvattlina at FB

Washing Line is a community art project where everyone who want to show their support for equal value are invited to hang out washing in the colors of the rainbow, photograph it and share images using the tag #tvattlina.

Washing Line is part of the Turku Pride Festival 10.-16.8.2015. The artists Ilar Gunilla Persson and Heidi Lunabba started the project during Jeppis Pride Festival in July 2014 inviting Pietasaari and vicinity to attend. The project continues visiting pride festivals around the world. You might see it as a matter of course to treat everyone equally, but for those who are afraid to face homophobia it can mean a lot to know that you as a friend, neighbor, colleague or relative is sympathetic to HBTIQ – people.

Taking part is easy. Pick out clothes or other textiles representing the colors of the rainbow. The fabrics do not need to be one color, it is sufficient that the dominant color is the color that should be represented in your rainbow. The washing line can be in your courtyard, balcony, summerhouse, car, bike or anywhere visible. If you are a business owner, you can hang the washing line in your storefront.

Selecting textiles from the cabinet can be seen as a symbolic act that refers to the concept of “coming out of the closet” but in this case it is simply about showing compassion. To “come out ” can be an important step for an individual. By “coming out” as a friendly neighbor or fellow human, you are helping to create a society where it is easier for anyone to dare to live with who you are.

We ask you to photograph your washing line and other rainbow washing lines and share the pictures using the tag #tvattlina on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, if you do not use social media or you have a closed account please send the images to By photographing and sharing images of washing lines in the colors of the rainbow you can participate from anywhere in the world!

Washing Line in the Colors of the Rainbow is part of the Hand Made Politics exhibition at Galleria Titanik, Turku, Finland 6.8.-30.8.2015. Opening 6 August 2015, 6 pm

Galleria Titanik, Turku, Finland 6.8.-30.8.2015

Avajaiset 6.8. klo 18.00 / Opening 6 August 2015, 6 pm

Artists: Kate Just, Australia: #Feministfan, Margaret Mayhew, Australia: (Making Mayhem), Heidi Lunabba & Ilar Gunilla Persson Finland/Sweden: #Tvattlina, Laura Lilja, Finland, Susana Nevado, Finland & Spain, Mó Iturribarría, Mexico

Curator: Katve-Kaisa Kontturi


Heidi Lunabba in collaboration with Anne Pietarinen

Photographs and installation
Galleria Huuto, Jätkäsaari 2
23 January – 8 February 2015
Welcome to the opening on Friday 23.1 2015 at 8pm!


Suomeksi alhaalla – På svenska längre ned

Who invites cockroaches over for a sleepover? Who wants to go on a date with a monkey or be a rat’s friend?

This series of pictures entitled Stigma visualizes different prejudices through animal characters. The pictures create relationships or situations that are common in our culture but that the norms prevent us from having with “the wrong kind of people”. The animal characters are models wearing masks. The main material used for making the masks is second-hand clothes that give the characters a distinctive look.

A discriminatory mindset is made possible through dehumanization and grouping, division into us and them, into different groups with different characteristics and behavioral models. Individuals are labeled with the group’s stigma. There are racists but very few of us want to be considered one of them. Most people know what kind of prejudices there are against different groups in society. We may not accept them, but is it possible to not let them influence our perceptions?

Stigma is part of a larger project in which Heidi Lunabba, in collaboration with people from outside of the art world and based on their experiences, creates pictures that examine and challenge the norms of society. The Stigma series has been produced in collaboration with Anne Pietarinen who also appears in all the pictures.

“My starting point was the idea that we all group our knowledge and experiences. We talk about artists, Christians, women, men, heterosexuals, homosexuals, winners, athletes, losers etc. This is what we do in order to be able to interact with each other. We build concepts and channels through which we perceive the life around us and its phenomena. I believe that this grouping is also sometimes stigmatizing, in which case it turns against people. This is the phenomenon I wanted to address.” This is how Anne describes the starting point for the series of pictures.

“During the project I became curious about how universal the characteristics are that we link with different animals. I asked an open question on Facebook and it sparked off a lively discussion as to which animals have different characteristics, while someone stated that people prefer not to link prejudices with a specific group,” Heidi Lunabba says. The difficulty with the theme is to highlight the norm and the prejudice without reinforcing it. “Through the animal characters we are able to access the prejudice itself instead of reinforcing the prejudice by pointing to a specific group. Foxes, rats and snakes can symbolize different things for different people. The pictures are based on the prejudices we think we see in our society,” Lunabba says about the pictures.

The exhibition is produced with the support of Svenska Kulturfonden, Kordelin foundation and Konstsamfundet.

rävpressliten grispressliten kackerlapressliten ormpressliten råttapressliten

klikkaa suomeksi, klicka för svenska

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Halkoliiteri logo






Halkoliiteri is a space for artists and other culture workers, architects, writers, producers and so on. The space is 75sqm, it has 3 rooms for working, two big shop-windows towards the street, kitchen and toilet.

The space is suitable for deskwork and meetings it’s also possible to use it for small scale events taking place on the evenings or weekends, exhibiting or selling work in the windows and using as a simple photography studio. There is a bigger shared table for meetings and project work, a shared office printer and a shared A3 colorprinter, wireless internet, some shared office equipment and possibility to borrow studio flashes.

Halkoliiteri is a exciting space, one that allows for interesting discussion between fellow workers, yet is quiet enough to concentrate on your own projects.

Halkoliiteri has 5-6 private tables + shelves for 150€/month and 4-5 shared worktables for 80€/month. Having a shared table means that you can work on any of the shared tables, but you need to leave them empty so others can use them too. Internet, electricity and a shared printer is included in the rent.

There is a woodwork studio in the house that you can get acces to and it’s possible to enquire about basement storage from the housecompany.

Please email if you are interested.










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Dresscode is the New York edition of the community art project Cultural Dresscode, that was first realised in Helsinki 2012 by the artists Heidi Lunabba and Nutty Tarts (Katriina Haikala and Vilma Metteri)

Dresscode is researching how different identity groups are showing their identity in their choise of clothing. The artists photographed and intervieved people in three different spots in New York and made three fashion photographs based on the ansvers.

Fashion Interactions is a multidisciplinary exhibition that explores fashion culture by means of contemporary art, design and media. The exhibited works comment on the unsustainability of the fashion industry, analyze the relationship of fashion and corporeality, and investigate how people use clothes as tools for building their identities.

Curated by Annamari Vänskä & Hazel Clark
Presenting works from: Federico Cabrera, Heidi Lunabba, Jasmin Mishima, Anna Mustonen, Nutty Tarts, Timo Rissanen, Salla Salin, Heidi Soidinsalo, Saara Töyrylä, Timo Wright.

Opening: Friday November 15, 6pm – 9pm

November 11 – December 13, 2013
Open daily 12pm – 6pm

The Aronson Gallery
Sheila C. Johnson Design Center
Parsons The New School for Design
66 Fifth Avenue at 13th Street, New York

Fashion Interactions, Finnish Cultural Institute in New York:

Fashion Interactions, Parsons New School:


Adress Publications writes about the project:


Beyond the Norm

Bortom normen -fotoprojekt (på svenska längre ned)

Normin tuolla puolen – valokuvaprojekti (suomeksi alhalla)

There are norms dictating every aspect of our lives; the way we should live, how we should dress and whom we should love. The norm may vary depending on who you are, where you are and depending on the situation. When we are fitting into the norm it is more difficult to see it compared to when we are outside of it.

In my photo project I explore the breaking of the Norm as a creative possibility. I believe that regardless if the breaking of a norm is an active choice or due to a situation beyond one’s control, the norm breaking can be perceived as a strength.

I want to realize a photo project with people who have experience of challenging the norms. Do you want to be one of them?

As an artist I want to work closely with the people I am photographing and I want to take pictures of the same person several times. The contents of the picture will be carried out in dialogue with the person being photographed and the planning of the picture is an important part of the creative process.

In the pictures we strive to create something beyond what the norm dictates or permits. The norms are more often than not a hindrance in our daily lives, even though every human being is capable of so much more than the norms allow. As human beings we are usually trying to stay within the boundaries for what is considered normal behavior. In this project I want to attempt to see norms as a starting point for searching for something more, something personal and playful.

I plan to do an exhibition with the pictures from this project. Please be in touch if you would be interested in participating! You are not committing to anything, we can meet up and plan a test photo session. You can participate on your own or together with someone else.

Please feel free to share this information about the project with any persons or groups that you think might be interested in partaking.

Heidi Lunabba


Bortom normen -fotoprojekt

Det finns normer för allt i våra liv, hur vi borde leva, hur vi borde klä oss, vem vi borde älska. Normen kan vara olika beroende på vem du är, och den kan variera från plats till plats till plats och situation till situation. De gånger vi passar in i normen är det svårare att se den än när vi står utanför den.

I mitt fotoprojekt undersöker jag normbrytandet som en kreativ möjlighet, oberoende om normbrytandet är ett aktivt val eller en situation som inte kunnat påverkas så tror jag att normbrytandet kan göras till en styrka. Jag vill förverkliga ett fotoprojekt med personer som har erfarenhet av att utmana normerna. Vill du vara med?

Som konstnär vill jag arbeta i ett nära samspel med personerna jag fotograferar och fotografera samma person upprepade gånger. Innehållet i bilderna skapas i dialog med den som blir fotograferad och planeringen av varje bild är en viktig del av den skapande processen.

I bilderna försöker vi skapa något utöver det som normen tillåter. Ofta fungerar normerna som en begränsande faktor i vardagen samtidigt som varje människa har kapacitet till mer än det som normerna ger plats för. Ofta försöker vi hålla oss inom ramarna för det som uppfattas som normalt. I projektet vill jag försöka se normerna som en utgångspunkt i sökandet efter något mer, något eget och lekfullt.

Jag planerar att göra en utställning med bilderna från projektet. Hör av dig om du blev intresserad av att delta! Du förbinder dig inte till något, vi kan träffas och planera en testfotografering. Du kan delta i projektet ensam eller tillsammans med någon annan.

Information om projektet får gärna delas med personer eller grupper som du tror att kunde vara intresserade av att delta i projektet.

Heidi Lunabba


Normin tuolla puolen – valokuvaprojekti

Kaikkialla elämässä on normeja: miten pitäisi elää, miten meidän kuuluisi pukea ja ketä meidän kuuluisi rakastaa. Normi voi vaihdella riippuen siitä kuka olet, ja se voi muuttua paikasta tai tilanteesta toiseen. Normeja on vaikeampi nähdä silloin kuin sovimme niihin, kuin silloin, kun sijoitumme normien ulkopuolelle.

Valokuvaprojektissani tutkin normien rikkomista luovana mahdollisuutena. Riippumatta siitä, onko rikkominen aktiivinen valinta, vai jotain johon ihminen ei ole itse pystynyt vaikuttamaan uskon, että normien rikkominen voi olla vahvuus. Haluan toteuttaa valokuvaprojektin yhteistyössä ihmisten kanssa, jolla on kokemuksia normien koettelusta. Haluatko mukaan?

Taiteilijana haluan työskennellä läheisessä vuorovaikutuksessa kuvattavien ihmisten kanssa ja kuvaa samaa ihmistä useampia kertoja. Kuvien sisältö luodaan vuorovaikutuksessa ja kuvattavan kanssa. Jokaisen kuvan suunnittelu on tärkeä osa yhteistä luovaa prosessia.

Kuvissa pyrimme luomaan jotain normien rajoja ylittävää. Arjessa normit usein rajoittaa elämää. Jokaisella ihmisellä on mahdollisuuksia enempään kuin mihin normit myöntävät tilan. Usein kuitenkin pyrimme sopeutumaan normeihin. Projektissa haluaisin nähdä normit lähtökohtana jonkin uuden, oman etsinnällä ja myös leikille.

Suunnittelen näyttelyn tekemistä projektin kuvista . Ota yhteyttä jos kiinnostuit hankkeesta! Ottamalla yhteyttä et sitoudu mihinkään, mutta voisimme tavata ja suunnitella koekuvauksen. Voit osallistua projektiin yksin tai jonkun kanssa.

Tietoa hankkeesta, saa mielellään jakaa ihmisille tai ryhmille joiden uskot olevan kiinnostuneita osallistumaan.

Heidi Lunabba

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